• Where is the start/finish?– The race starts and ends at the Southampton Intermediate School, 70 Leland Lane, Southampton, NY 11968
  • Do you have directions to Southampton High School? – Southampton High School is in the heart of Southampton Village.  Click here for directions from NYC.
  • Do you have course maps? – Both courses can be viewed here.
  • When and where is packet pickup?– Packet pickup–collecting your race number, chip and shwag bag– is offered several times for your convenience in the week leading up to the race. Packet pick up will be in NYC and Southampton at the following times:
  • Monday, September 26th, 5-8PM, JackRabbit Sports, 140 West 72nd Street
  • Tuesday, September 27th, 5-8PM, JackRabbit Sports
  • Friday, September 30th 6-9PM, Southampton Arts Center, 25 Jobs Lane, Southampton
  • Saturday, October 1st 6-7AM, Southampton Intermediate School, 70 Leland Lane, Southampton
  • Can I have a friend pick up my packet?– Yes, provided that person has a copy of your valid ID.
  • At what time does the race begin? –Both the Marathon and the Half begin at 8 am. The 5K begins at 8:15.
  • What should I do if I get injured?– All injuries are different but most importantly, rest is key. If you only missed a few days and a few miles you may be able to just continue with your workout. However, if the injury is a little more serious you may need to cut down the mileage or maybe even reconsider your commitment to the marathon. Pool workouts are a great substitute to running if the injury is not as severe and weight training and yoga also help. Make sure you consult a physician for all injuries.
  • Can I switch from the full Hamptons Marathon to the Half-Marathon?-You may switch races, space permitting, until September 10, 2016. All requests must be made by email to info@hamptonsmarathon.comand are subject to a $10 change fee.
  • Can I switch from the Half-Marathon to the Full? –As long as space permits, you may switch from the half-marathon to the full. All you have to do is email us at info@hamptonsmarathon.com. Regular race fees still apply.
  • What should I do if I am injured and will not be able to compete?-We regret that entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances, even if you cancel due to injury, even with a doctor’s note. New this year, we will permit official bib transfers. If you need to transfer your bib, please email diane@hamptonsmarathon.com before September 10, 2016. In the event that you are not able to participate, entry fees for the 2016 race will NOT transfer to the 2017 race or any race thereafter. Runners who are entered in the 2016 race but cancel/defer by September 10, 2016, will be eligible for guaranteed discounted entry into the 2017 race. Any deferrals AFTER September 10th, for any reason, will constitute forfeiture from the race; there will be no deferrals/rollovers issued under any circumstances after September 10.
  • How many runners are in each race?-The races split out at about 25-30% marathoners to 70-75% half-marathoners. For 2016, we expect to register 2500 runners total for both races, so approximately 600-700 will be marathoners, with the rest in the half-marathon.
  • How long do I have to complete the Hamptons Marathon?– The Hamptons Marathon course will be open for 6 hours. After 6 hours, runners still on the course will be allowed to finish but there will be no course support available- so plan your hydration accordingly. The finish line will be open for 6 hours.
  • How long is the Half-Marathon open?– The Hamptons Marathon & Half finish at the same place, so the course and the finish line will be open for 6 hours.
  • Will I be the only one finishing after 6 hours?– No! The last several years we have had a few runners finish outside of the 6-hour margin.
  • Is there a qualifying time? –There is no qualifying time required for the marathon or half-marathon.
  • Can the Hamptons Marathon be used as a Boston qualifier?– Yes. This is a USATF Certified course. For details on BAA requirements, please click here: Boston Marathon
  • Can I walk?– Yes.
  • How is the race timed?– The Hamptons Marathon together with Finish Line Road Race Technicians will be using the gold standard ChronoTrack Systems™ B-Tag™. The B-Tag is a single-use RFID tag that participants have on their race bib to record their time. The B-tag is easy to use and is far lighter and less intrusive than other timing tags and chips, it can be used in all weather conditions, and is disposable after the race. The B-Tag records your time at the start, at the finish line and at splits during the race.
  • Can I wear an iPod?– As Race Directors, our most important job is to make sure you are safe and have a great race. If you can’t hear the directions being given by our staff, we can’t do our job. If you want to run with music, please keep the level low enough that you can hear people around you.
  • Is there parking near the race start or should I take a taxi? –We offer several parking options for runners and spectators.We have onsite parking at the Southampton Intermediate School and High School, 70 Leland Lane and 141 Narrow Street, respectively. These passes were sold as a fundraiser for the school and have sold out. We have nearby offsite parking a short walk away at Southampton Hospital, 330 Meetinghouse Lane. These passes have now sold out. If you purchased a parking pass, you will receive information about it via email in early September.We offer a number of free parking options as well: There is first come first served parking at the following beaches:Cooper’s Beach, 268 Meadow Lane, SouthamptonGin Lane Beach, across the road from14 Gin Lane, SouthamptonThese are large parking lots on the race course. We recommend that marathoners park here, as you will not be able to access your cars to leave until after 1pm.These are also great for runners or spectators who plan on spending some time post-race in Southampton Village shopping and eating in town! There will be a FREE Hampton Jitney shuttle running from this lot to the start/finish line.

    There is also free parking in three Southampton Village public lots:

    behind 82 Main Street, Southampton

    at 22 West Main Street, Southampton

    at 44 Little Plains Road, Southampton

    These will also be first come first served. The Southampton Village Police know that the race is in town and they will not be enforcing the posted three hour time limit. These lots are about a 15 minute walk to the start/finish and we will also be running FREE Hampton Jitney shuttle from two spots in the Village, Nugent Street, just east of Windmill and in front of Town Hall, to the start/finish line as well for those who don’t want to walk.

    There is absolutely NO on-street parking allowed in Southampton Village residential areas so, as they say on the NYC parking signs, don’t even think about doing that. The Southampton Village Police in Southampton will ticket and tow those who park in no-parking areas!

  • Are there good spectator viewing areas? Where? – Family and friends are welcome to join runners on the shuttles to the start/finish line.  These spots offer the best view for your friends, family and fans:Race Start/Finish Southampton Intermediate School, 70 Leland Lane.Pond Lane, south of Hill Street, in the village at Agawam Park.

    South Main and Toylsome Lane, a short walk from the village.

  • How should I find accommodations? – Our travel partner, Running Away – The Active Travel Company for Runners is delighted to assist you with all your travel needs, including hotel reservations, flights, rental cars, and transportation for the upcoming Hamptons Marathon. Please email Matt or call (561) 470-7966 to speak with a travel consultant.
  • How many water stations are there on the course?– There are 22 water stations on the course. In addition, there will be Gatorade available at every other water station. We will have Gu at mile 17.
  • What should I eat before the race? –You should certainly eat before a race but in terms of what and when, every runner is different. Training is about all aspects of the race- running, of course, but also testing out your clothing, experimenting with your pre-race meal, finding the hydration and nutrition plan that works best for you during the race. Try different meals during practices, typically the longer ones and find out what works best for you.
  • I did not get a number but I would still like to participate in some way. How can I help out?-If you want to learn about volunteer opportunities, email volunteers@hamptonsmarathon.com. You are guaranteed entry to the 2017 race if you volunteer on race day.